Mar 25, 2020

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 6. Houthem-St. Gerlach

6. Houthem-St. Gerlach

Just about 8 km northeast of Maastricht was my 6th Station stop Houtem St. Gerlach. The station is (according to Wikipedia) the only wooden station left in the Netherlands- I will soon find out if that is true.

The hilly rural area is popular as a cycle route so the roads do get busy in summer with cars and bikes. There is a nature reserve close to the station but I spent my time rambling around the St. Gerlach Estate sampling the local food and filling my bags with locally made conserves/honey/juices. Complete with castle, church and sculpture gardens all very close to each other. The Sint Gerlach Estate provides perfect dreamy rambling grounds for a summers day.  I can definitely recommend the food in either the cafe at the front of the estate or the bistro to round off a perfect day.

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