#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 38 Venray


Picked up a bike at the self-service station and cycled to some castle runs in the direction of Oostrum to Gejisteren was quite around the area but in the other direction, you can head to the city center of Venray and further away is the only German war cemetery in the Netherlands where some 31 thousand Germans are buried

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 37 Horst Sevenum

Horst Sevenum
I rented a bike one of those self service bike lockers and took a spin into the center of Horst where I found a sleepy patch of Limburg and I came across the lace factory. I wasn't sure what to expect but in the end I spent some time here and was fascinated by the machines and the amazing creativity and artistic talent on display both old and modern. I really enjoyed chatting with the custodians there who are defiantly part and parcel of making this collection come to life

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 36 Mook Molenhoek

Mook Molenhoek

Right under Nijmegen, this station which reopened less than a decade ago (the original station building demolished in the 1970s) is at the very top of Limburg. This station is the perfect stop-off point for a walk in the star-shaped nature reserve of Heumense Schans - which is exactly what I did.

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 35 Tegelen


As the area is well known for it's centuries-old expertise in ceramics and pottery I took a trip to the ceramics museum located in a restored tithe barn on the beautiful estate of Kasteel de Holtmühle (17th century). This estate has been preserved (or restored?) and hosts the tithe barn, castle gates, gardens, ponds, moats and farmlands and all around the Kasteel de Holtmühle are nice walks to explore.

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 34. Reuver


I arrived in Reuver with no plans. I decided to grab a bike at the station. I peddled until I came across a ferry crossing point. I jumped on and discovered Kessel. The castle there (Kasteel de Keverberg- the most 'modern castle' in The Netherlands) which was destroyed in the war has been renovated in a unique way with lots of glass and viewing platforms - which offers amazing views over the Mass River.

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 33 Swalmen


Sitting between Germany and the Mass river I arrived to Swalmen station with my bike in toe and had a small cycle around the area and croseds back and forth over the Schwalm river . On the Markt square is a pub called De Mert which I'd say is lively in the evening although a little quiet when I was there.

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 32 Venlo

Just over the street from Station Venlo is the Limburg Museum. I went on a Saturday morning and I must have had this whole large airy building all to myself which was equal parts nice and strange. For those not from this province this collection provides some historical insight to the region.

I didn't see anything about WW11 here which I was expecting given the level of activity (bombings and the 'Venlo Incident') perhaps I missed a section.

Walking around Venlo and seeing the beautiful town hall and the Gothic Romerhuis I can imagine that the city must have lost quite a lot during WW11 in terms of structures which suffered heavy bombings and of course the 'Venlo Incident' was the pretext for the Nazi occupation. The Venlo station too is typical post war 1950's style.