#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 46 Helmond Brandevoort

Station No.46 Helmond Brandevoort was designed in line with the surrounding neighbourhood. The neighbourhood was built to resemble a fortress the station with its dual platform looks like a gate entrance to this fortress.  The windy cycle and walking paths by the canals  and long grass that surround this suburb do well to disguise the fact that a lot of people live in this small area.  

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 45 Helmond 'tHout


Continuing my travels around Brabant I cycled from Helmond station to Helmond t'Hout. Helmond has more stations that I realised (Helmond Brouhuis, Helmond, Helmond 'tHout and Helmond Brandevoort). As I cycled I passed the RailCam which you can watch live here . I continued my journey towards Helmond Brandevoort

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 44 Helmond

Arrived into Helmond via bike from Station No.43 Helmond Brouhuis. Sitting proudly it feels like it is on a pedestal - opposite the tax office it looks out on - it has all the usual facilities (Kiosk, flowers, cafĂ© etc). Headed to the Cacaofabriek for some sustenance (visual- gallery viewing and chocolate!) and ventured further on a mini-tour of Helmond where I visited the Medieval castle and cycled along the Kanaaldijk Zuid-West and saw the textile factories some like Vlisco still in operation others look less in use.  Helmond has a real authentic feel about it. 

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 43 Helmond Brouhuis

 I arrived here via Sprinter train from Deurne. With my trusty bike  I had a cycle around the suburbs of Bruihuis and then crossed over Zuid-Willemsvaart and peddled towards Helmond. This canal was in use from the 1830's and helped along the industrialisation of Helmond which was already known as a metal and textile hub

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 42 Deurne


Station No. 42 took me to a place in Brabant called Deurne. I didn't know much about Deurne before cycling around there, but soon discovered the beautiful house of the local GP and expressionist painter Henrik Wiedersma, which was a treat to find as it now houses some of his paintings and works of his avant-garde friends. The exhibition I saw, was one of his son Pieter Wiedersma.  A few minutes from this house the ruins of a 14th Century Gothic castle lay on some nice park grounds and make a nice spot for a coffee break.

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 41 Cuijk


A small place with a long history - this town is dominated by the twin peaks of the Neo Gothic St Martin Church which looks out over the Mass and if a nice spot for a ramble along by the river.

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 40 Boxmeer


Station No 40. Boxmeer, I cycled here from Cuijk on a grey day (brightened up by mini pancaked at the pancake house)  keeping the twin towers of  St. Martins Cathedral behind me and the Mass river beside me I cycled past German bunkers and farmhouses and cornfields. The destination was a castle on the opposite side of town to Boxmeer rail station. Looks like it is now a care home with beautifully kept grounds and a lot of life around the area.