#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 52 Best

So what is there to do in a town in Brabant on a cold grey day. Turns out quite a bit! Best station is day trip number 52 in my travels around the Netherlands. Best is on the line between Eindhoven and Den Bosch. 

The current version of the station is from 2000 - a renovation that also saw two new lines (in total 4 between Eindhoven and Den Bosch), but the original station was opened July 1866!

I wandered through the town following the liberation trail plaques to learn a little more about the history of the town. Famous for butter (didn't find any or any place that sold it or made it), a shoe making factory (Batadorp) and a type of liquor I picked up at the wijnhuis called 'Un Dulfke'  it is a type of low alcohol bitters - which I hear is popular in North Brabant- so looking forward to trying this out. 

There is a green spot called the Koetshuistuin in the centre of the shopping area which is always welcome - and there you can find a memorial to the Scottish 15th Division who liberated the town of Best in 1944.  

Further to the west (I did not visit this as I was on foot) there is also a farm that has monument status as the structure is apparently the oldest established above ground dwelling on a farm in the Netherlands and dates from 1263. 

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 51 Eindhoven Strijp-s

What they call the creative heart of Eindhoven, this area was developed from the old Philips industrial site ('the forbidden city') to a area of museums, shops workspaces and a really hip, open creative/design spot. Of course in a nod to this I had to visit (and very much recommend) the Mu Hybrid art space. Loved walking around here the whole area is full of inspiration and ideas and pop ups. If you are in need of some creative vibes - head here. 

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 50 Eindhoven

Milestone alert-  I made it to station number 50 with unaltered enthusiasm for my project. So in high spirits I departed Eindhoven station. Although I have passed through Eindhoven many times I have never really taken some hours to just to wander around the city with no real aim. Of course I found myself surrounded by food and art! I ended up in  the Down Town Gourmet Market and went to the Van Abbemuseum. The Van Abbemuseum is difficult to miss - a massive block imposing unapologetically on the banks of De Dommel. Later in the day as  I sat in the museum cafĂ©, pondering over all I had seen, in the sunshine, with an iced latte in hand and the sounds of running water altering my perception of the fact that I am in the middle of the city surrounded by hustle and bustle - I thought to myself life is indeed very very good. 

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 49 Geldrop

Station No 49 Geldrop, did a little trip around Geldrop on an OV bike, past the large Neo-Romanesque church towards weaving mueum and the meandering kliene Dommel and followed this for a while until I ended up on Kasteel Geldrop. There are various gardens here ( sensory gardens, kids mini farm etc., but the flower garden on the grounds of this estate is so immersing that before you know it you feel relaxed and without a care in the world. Highly recommended. Read more about the castle and its gardens here. 

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 48 Heeze

Station no 48 was Heeze. On the line between Roermond and Eindhoven. I cancelled my plans for any onwards travel to Eindhoven as I cycled around discovering what Heeze has to offer. Started with a nice lunch on the terrace near the station. I cycled around checking out the pretty thatched houses, impeccably neat farms,  visited the 17th Century Heeze Castle and ended up on a nice trip around the Strabrechtse Heide. The Heide is a heathland full of beautiful heather and the distinctive twisting trunks of juniper trees. A mild heathland not sweeping or dramatic but certainly a unique and refreshing view after a year of no train trips! 

#401 Project All the Train stations in the Netherlands 47 Maarheeze

Station no 47 Maarheeze may not actually have a station house but it represents the first station I have visited after lockdown and for that reason I am very happy to have visited Maarheeze. I brought my bike with me so I can roam around the area. I found myself on Kerkstraat and found some monuments along Kerkstraat near the old school house and St. Gertrudis church. I finally peddled back to station via the stocked fishing pond.