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Oct 6, 2015


Zandvoort a beach town on the north coast of Holland may not be on your day trip/weekend away radar. It is not the prettiest town. However although the town is a mash mash of hostels, holiday rentals, a giant casino , 1970's high rise flat complexes and take out shops there are many advantages to heading to Zandvoort for your weekend and today as I sit looking out over the perfect golden beach with the calm waters lapping the shore from a very cheap holiday rental overlooking the coast I am going to tell yu why you must have a day trip to Zandvort.

1. Beach town dedicated to tourism. Everything you neeed for yor holiday by the sea can be found in Zandvoort. Cheap accomadation nealy every house in the suburbs is a holiday rental or has a room to rent, hundreds of places to eat. Plenty of beach cafes and wine bars which offer a cuppa coffee by the sea in the morning and tapas and wine by night!  What beter way to start the day then a walk by the beach (in october it is pretty quiet on the beach too!) and a coffee and the papers in the cafe for the evening.

2. Location Location Location. Zandvoort has a train station so you can arrive and depat=rt really easily to either Haarlem or msterdam. When you arrive at teh station is a mere 5 minute walk from the  beach promenade . The station has bikes you can rent ( if you have a NS card with bike rental) in a self service container right outside the sstation enterence.

3. If you get tires of the beach life you are in the perfect location to venture further a field. A short cycyle or walk ( there are also buses) will take you to the Amsterdamse waterlidjn. For sheer luxary peafultness i have just spent the morning there and rediscovered the sound of silence. It costs 1.50 to enter but when I went I didnt see that until I was leaving! So it is on a honour system i guess. You pay at the machine by the gate when entering

4. The National Park is so close by. It is the perfect location to start your cycyle through the dunes.

5. Haalem.

So I recommend Zandvoort for a cheap get away  where you are at the doorstep of some of the great sites in Holland.