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Apr 5, 2015

Using your OV-chipcard - What is Inchecken?

The Step by Step guide:How to Use your OVChipcard

You will hear a lot about ‘checking in or ‘Incheckenor checking out 'uitchecken' when travelling by bus, metro or train in the Netherlands.  But what is checking in? Here is your step by step guide: 

1. Scour the station for a card reader. There are usually two types of reader a free standing reader or a card reader attached to the barrier gates at the train station.  

2. Locate your chipcard. If you are like me and you have lost your OV-chipcard 6 times between entering the station and finding the card reader then please don’t stand in front of the card reader while searching your bag/wallet/pockets/socks. This is akin to standing at the top/bottom of escalator while checking your phone and almost as bad as not standing on the left side of the London Underground escalator.
3.  Hold your chipcard to the reader. You will hear two beeps. The NS railways have kindly provided a sound file of what this sounds like Beeeeeep Beeeeeep. 

4. Have a look at the screen it will say ‘Goede Reis’ (good journey). The card reader is not telling you to have a good journey but implying that the ticket is ‘good’ or valid for travel. The light will flash green (as you can see in the image above). The screen will show some other details depending on the type of card you have for example if you have a one use disposable card it might say second class and the name of the Chipcard you bought; day return,  single etc. Other cards such as personal card and anonymous cards will say the discount and the amount of credit on the card. 

5. Board the Train! 

6. When you arrive at your destination remember to check out