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Apr 12, 2015

FAQ when using the OV-Chipcard

The OV-Chipcard sound easy but there are certain times you may ask yourself the following questions: 

What if I have to change trains on my journey?

As long as you are traveling with one transport company then this is not a problem. For example: If you are travelling from Amsterdam to The Hague (Den Haag) you may have to change trains in Leiden. For a journey like this you simply check in at Amsterdam. When you arrive in Leiden simply change trains and only when you reach your destination station (The Hague) do you check out. It is the same even if you have 3 or 4 changeovers. As long as you are travelling with all NS trains you check in at your start destination and check out at your last destination

What if I change transport type/company during my journey?

Remember that the OV-chipcard is a public transport card. There are many other companies besides the NS train company who participate in this transport card. In fact there are 19 public transport companies operating through Holland - for example Arriva and Synus trains as well as metro lines and buses such as connexxion.  If you wish to transfer your journey to the tram or bus (or another train company) you must check out first then check in again when boarding the bus/tram. At the end of your trip you check out again. 

What if you check in twice by mistake?

Don't worry there is a built in fail safe! Once you check in your card can not be read again by the scanner for 100 seconds. This means it is not possible to check in twice by mistake. So once you check in it is not possible to check in (or out) again at the same card reader for the next 100 seconds.

What if I check in but then decide not to travel?

So you are at the station you check in and then you decide (for whatever reason) not to take the train after all? Just wait for 2 minutes (or 100 seconds precisely!) and check out. Don't worry you will not be charged as long as you checkout within 20- 60 minutes at the same station. 

What if I forget to check out?

This must happen a lot.  The good news is that you can check out up to 6 hours after your journey has been completed. So if you forget you can always go back to the station and check out! The bad news is if you forget to check out you will be charged the full train boarding fee.  The best thing to do is to contact the customer service of the rail company you traveled with (for example NS: 030 - 7515155 -Monday to Friday 08:00-22:00 and Saturday 09:00-17:00). They can help you apply for a refund.

What if I am collecting someone at station or wish to drop someone off at the station- Will I have access to the station without a chipcard?
Only if you have a OV-chipcard with credit! You can check in with your card- and as long as you check out again 20-60 minutes after you will not be charged. When you check in you will then pay the boarding fare (€10-20 depending on the type of card you have). If you check out again within 20 minutes, you will not be charged. Your full boarding fare will be returned to your OV-Chipcard (some train companies such as Veolia may not return the full amount I am checking into this now and will update as soon as I get an answer from the company). 

If there are any other questions you have simply ask in the comment box below and I can add an update. The website of OV-Chipcard answers most of the common questions