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Feb 1, 2015

NS Self-Service Train Ticket Machines

A hassle free way to get your disposable or point to point tickets or your anonymous OV-Chipcard is by using the yellow ticket machines at the station. These are great for avoiding the queues at the ticket desk. There are two types of NS ticket machine. 
Ticket Machine                    Ticket Machine 

The yellow ticket machine is for loading credit/products onto your existing OV card. So use this if you already have the OV Chipcard). The blue ticket machine can also be used with the OV chip card but can also be used for purchasing single 'point to point' tickets. The best thing about these is that you can use them in English. They are touch screen so you simply begin by touching the British flag for English.

If you don’t have an OV card you simply use the blue ticket machine. Start by clicking the ‘don’t have a chip card' icon. Follow the online instructions. Choose your departure and arrival destination, class (first or second) and make your payment. You can pay with cash, Visa, Mastercard, V pay or Mastero. Be aware payment options vary per machine and per station. Not all stations accept credit cards and there is a 0.50 credit card fee. So be aware that the payment options are limited!  *Update as of 2015 all machines now accept credit cards!
If you have an OV card simply swipe the card to the card reader select 'English Language' and follow the online instructions to top up your card. Once you have made your payment then just like an Oyster card for the London Underground you need to hold you card back up to the reader again after payment to load the credit onto your card. Remember that NS charge a 0.50 cent credit card fee and not all stations accept credit cards just yet!
What you can buy on the Ticket Machines
  • Single/Return point to point ticket
  • A childs ‘Railrunner’ ticket
  • A day card (for travel all day)
  • Supplement for the IC direct or ICE international
  • Supplement for travel with Dogs
  • Supplement for travel with Bikes
  • International travel tickets for travel in Belgium and Luxembourg
  • International travel tickets for some destinations in Germany and France
  • Monthly season ticket
  • Anonymous OV-chipcards
  • Top up your OV-chipcard
  • OV-chipcard with railrunner
  • Ov Chipcaard with day card
  • OV-chipcard with samenreis korting
  • Change the class of your ticket upgrade

What you can’t buy from the ticket machines
  • Personal OV-chipcards
  • International travels to some destinations in France and Germany and further afield

It is interesting to know that the ticket machines at Schiphol airport are slightly different in how the operate and lead you towards pricier tickets. Read my blog post here for more on this. On this link you can find lessons on how to use the ticket machine: