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Feb 21, 2015

Travelling by train with a bike or dog - how to get your train ticket

Traveling with a pet
When traveling with your pet you do need to purchase an extra ticket. The prices are typically €3.00 (that is €3.50 if you book with a credit card) you can purchase this ticket from the ticket machines -as you can see from the images or from the ticket office. You need a ticket per dog/pet

ticket for dog on train

cycling in Holland
Traveling with a Bike
On some trains there is a special compartment for bikes. So be sure to board the train on the carriage where you see the bike symbol. If you have a folding bike you do NOT need a ticket- however you HAVE to fold the bike. Beware you will be fined if you do not fold your bike! The bike ticket costs €6.00 (€6.50 credit card fee). This ticket price may seem step but it is valid all day. You can also consider renting a bike during your travels. Many stations have OV bike rental stations attached to them making it easy to rent a bike upon arrival at your destination.

Be aware that there are some conditions associated with traveling with your bike. You can only take your bike outside of peak travel hours. Peak hours (or what they call in Holland de spits) 06.30 to 09.00 and 16.30 to 18.00 on weekdays. But you can bring the bike on the train anytime during the weekends/public holidays or during the summer (July-August).

If you are traveling on an international train (Eurostar; TGV; City Night Line; Thalys or the international ICE trains) the conditions and prices are different. You can see a full overview of these conditions per train listed here: